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    Evoke the spirit of
    legendary nomadic cultures
    Tipis are so much more than a tent


It’s a tent you can rely on totally in storm-force gales or in blazing heat. The tipi's shape and advanced design makes it really secure in high, gusty winds, and the ingenious ventilation solutions controls the inside climate on those hot summer mornings when the air stands still, as well as those days when the Northumberland climate closes in! Their symmetrical shape with a low centre of gravity keeps the tents stable when the wind gusts. Tentipi® Nordic Tipis are actually more secure in high and gusty winds than most other tent designs.


Our tipis are the same type used by professionals in the most extreme conditions, in ice-fields, in storm-force gales, on top of glaciers, in blazing heat or on “the coldest journey in the world” — a 3,500 km, ten-month trek across Siberia made by a Swedish expedition. If they can handle that, they can certainly ensure that you are comfortable on your family camping trip at Herding Hill Farm! They are renowned for storm resistance, effective ventilation and mosquito protection.

Pre-erected for your arrival

Why not rent one of our tipis rather than bringing your own tent. We are the only site in the UK where you can hire one of the fabulous Tentipi® Nordic Tipis. They are so much more than a tent! They are atmospheric, spacious, flexible and, above all, different! They are loved by people who want to recapture the romantic nomadic lifestyle. They are are pre erected and located at thebottom of our site in a private tipi village in a tranquil setting. Staying in one of our tipis will give you a true 'wild camping' experience.

The Tentipi® Nordic Tipi's amazing design has been brought up to date with 21st century technology, but still retains the most elemental features of the original.

Our four Safir 9CP tents are fitted with a wood floor. You just need to bring your own beds, bedding and other essentials. These can sleep upto four people.

Note: No cars by the Tipis, and we do allow well behaved dogs at a charge of £5 per night. The tipis are situated at the opposite end of the campsite to the amenity block

Tipis are so much more than a tent! You sleep in a tent . . . You live in a tipi !

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